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Thank you for your interest in our programs! Your curiosity is the first step towards a journey of learning and growth. You can reach us through the following numbers or by email. We look forward to the opportunity to nurture and inspire.

+94 74 124 5342 / +94 11 254 7990
The process


Meet and greet

Join us for a warm introduction to our community. Meet our team, explore our environment, and discuss your child's unique needs and interests.


Take a tour

Experience firsthand the engaging spaces where learning comes to life. Our guided tours provide insight into our programs and facilities, helping you envision the enriching environment we offer.


Submit application

Once you've explored and felt confident about our community, and after we evaluate your child, you can apply. Our streamlined process ensures a straightforward transition to the next steps.


Secure a spot

Upon acceptance, secure your child's spot in our nurturing environment. We're excited to welcome them to our community, where learning and growth thrive together.

Required enrollment documents

Embarking on the journey of enrollment at our learning community is a thoughtful and comprehensive process, designed with the utmost care to facilitate a smooth and enriching transition for your child. To initiate this exciting chapter, we kindly request the submission of several essential documents.

More than just a joyful place

Where little minds blossom into big thinkers.