About us

We are here to nurture your child's body, brain, and soul. ​

We all need support through the most important period of our children: the early years

Welcome to FECAN, a distinguished nursery committed to offering unparalleled experiences from conception to delivery and throughout the first five years of early childhood education. At FECAN, we recognize the profound significance of both foetal and early childhood experiences in shaping the foundation for a child’s intellectual, cognitive, psycho-social, emotional, and spiritual development.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our tailored approach that begins from the earliest stages of development. From the moment of conception, we prioritize providing a nurturing and supportive environment for both the expecting parents and the growing foetus. Our specialized programs extend seamlessly into the first five years of a child’s life, ensuring a holistic and enriching educational journey.

What sets FECAN apart is our unwavering understanding of the critical role early experiences play in molding a child’s future. We believe in fostering an environment that stimulates the senses, encourages exploration, and promotes the development of strong neural connections. Our dedicated team of educators and caregivers is committed to creating a space where each child feels valued and supported on their unique developmental path.

In choosing FECAN, you are selecting more than just a nursery; you are choosing a partner in your child’s early years, dedicated to providing exceptional care and education. Join us in building the foundation for a lifetime of learning and growth at FECAN.


Celebrating diversity, fostering unity, and embracing a sense of belonging.


Instilling accountability, reliability, and a strong sense of personal responsibility.


Honoring dignity, valuing differences, and promoting a culture of consideration.


Fostering teamwork, cooperation, and collective effort for shared success.

We envision a nurturing environment where we empower children to grow into confident, independent, and compassionate individuals.
At our core, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality early childhood education, ensuring we prepare children for a seamless transition into primary school and foster lifelong success.

More than just a joyful place

Where little minds blossom into big thinkers.